Children’s Faith Formation (K-8)


pope-jp2“The spiritual life of the family needs to be sustained with specific means and special procedures: primarily by constant contact with the Christian community, with the parishand with the moments that it offers for nourishing the faith. The sanctification of Sunday should be given emphasis: the members of the family can thereby renew themselves together at the springs of the word and the sacraments.”  — (Pope John Paul II—Message to Christian Families)


Children’s Faith Formation (K-8)

Our goal is to bring a love of God through knowledge of the faith, since to know God is to love Him.  We support parents in their vital responsibility of raising their children in the Catholic faith.  We strive to present the faith in a way that the seeds planted at Baptism will flourish.

Since our Sunday Faith Formation Programs are committed to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, parents can trust the teaching presented to their children.




Classes are offered for children in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and take place every Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.  All grades are represented, with Grades 1-8 utilizing the outstanding Faith and Life series of catechetical texts, and are distributed as follows:

  1. Kindergarten:  Who Am I? (On God and Creation) – from the Image of God series.
  2. 1st Grade: Our Heavenly Father
  3. 2nd Grade: Jesus Our Life
  4. 3rd Grade:  Our Life With Jesus
  5. 4th Grade:  Jesus Our Guide
  6. 5th Grade:  Credo: I Believe
  7. 6th Grade:  Following Christ
  8. 7th Grade:  The Life of Grace
  9. 8th Grade:  Our Life in the Church

Pre-Registration begins in June, followed by our common Registration Day occurring in August.  Classes begin in September and end in May.

Normally, children prepare for First Communion with proximate formation throughout the 2nd Grade curriculum, having already completed remote formation in the 1st Grade.




Our high school theology classes take place every Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 PM, beginning in September and ending in June.  We welcome all teens in the parish to learn about the faith in a way they can apply to their life as Catholics.  The classes are very comprehensive, utilizing the Didache Series of theological texts and are distributed as follows :

  1. 9th Grade:  Faith & Revelation / The Blessed Trinity
  2. 10th Grade:  The Mystery of Redemption / The Church
  3. 11th Grade:  The Sacraments / Our Moral Life in Christ
  4. 12th Grade:  Understanding the Scriptures / The History of the Church

All teens aged 16 or older who would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are to attend these classes throughout the school year, normally during the 11th Grade.


 2016-2017 Faith Formation SCHEDULE