Confirmation is the sacrament that completes what is begun in Baptism. In a special way, it imparts the Holy Spirit on the person being Confirmed, empowering them to go out in the world and share the Gospel.

Confirmation for Teens

This year, Confirmation preparation is open to all High School students. The Archdiocese of Seattle is transitioning from Confirming at 16 years old, to Confirming in 7th grade. As a step in this direction, the Proto-Cathedral is offering Confirmation to all High School students. Next year, we’ll offer it to 8th grade students, and then in 2021-2022 we’ll offer it to those in 7th grade. All parishes are expected to be offering Confirmation to 7th grade students beginning in 2022-2023. 

To register for Teen Confirmation, click here to download the forms. 

We’ll begin sessions in October. Stay tuned for a more complete schedule, here!

Confirmation for Adults

Adult Catholics who would like to be Confirmed are welcome to attend our RCIA sessions. Contact Katelyn at the Parish Office or for details.