The sacrament of Matrimony brings a couple into a lifelong relationship.  To begin the process toward this solemn commitment couples are to begin their preparation at least six months before the wedding date.


Freedom to Marry

            Both the man and the woman seeking marriage need to have the freedom to marry.  This means that neither of them has been previously married (even civilly), or if there has been a previous marriage it has been declared invalid by the Catholic Church.  In the process of declaring the invalidity of the previous marriage, the Catholic tribunal looks to see if the marriage was fatally flawed in its beginning and therefore never truly existed.  The tribunal then issues a decree of nullity stating that the legal marriage which ended in divorce was never a valid sacramental marriage in the eyes of the Church.  The person is then free to marry in the Catholic Church.  A person is also free to marry if their former spouse is deceased.



            A Convalidation is for couples who were married for the first time, but who were not married by a priest in a Catholic ceremony.  The Convalidation makes their union a valid sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church.  Those who have only been married civilly should schedule an appointment with our pastor to begin the Convalidation process.  For more information contact the parish office.


Proto-Cathedral Wedding Policy – 2016