Catholic Answers Course

Adult Faith Formation
Catholic Answers Course

Begins Wednesday, September 16 th

7 pm, in the Upper Hall


We will look at 32 specific questions over the 6 week course, which will begin the third week of September and end the third week of October.

Some of the questions answered we be:

• Why Don’t Catholics Believe in the Bible Only?

• Why Do Catholic Bibles Have more Books than Protestant Bibles?

• Aren’t Statues a Form of Idolatry?

• Why Do Catholics Pray Repetitious Prayers?

• What Are Indulgences?

• Why Does the Church Have So Many Rules?

• What makes the Catholic Church Unique?

• Are Catholics “Born Again”?

• Why Does God Allow Evil?

• Is Jesus Sacrificed Again At Every Mass?

• How is scripture related to The Holy Trinity in the

• Profession of Faith?

All these questions and more will be answered from Holy Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This program is based on the questions and answers found in The New Catholic Answer Bible.  There is no charge for this course.  For more information contact Jeannette Palfy at 903-3329.