Online Giving

Online giving is also now available! Please visit our online giving page to make a gift of your treasure.

Stewardship of money / possessions (our treasure) is one of the simplest ways to give back what we have been given. Like all things we posses, our money and material possessions are gifts from God that are meant to be shared. By giving our money to individuals and families in need, to the Church, and to other worthwhile charitable organizations we enrich our soul and  give thanks to a loving God for our many material blessings.

In thanksgiving for God’s gifts, each household at the Proto-Cathedral is encouraged to give proportionately to our income and our blessings, and to move up to (and beyond) the 10% biblical tithe:

5% to the Proto-Cathedral and 5% to other needs of the Church (Annual Catholic Appeal, Peter’s Pence, Mission Sunday, etc.).

This can be done as simply as through the Sunday offertory collection.

For more ways to steward your treasure, please contact us.

Remember, your parish is the nonprofit community that helps you carry out Christ’s mission.