Time (Prayer)

In our busy society, time is one of the most precious possessions we have. No one “owns” time, in fact,  each of us is only given a limited amount of it. Planning a schedule that has a balance of work, rest, play, and prayer is vital to us as physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual beings. How we spend our time is perhaps the clearest indication of our progress in a life of Christian discipleship. Prayer is one of the best ways to steward our time in recognition that it is a gift. Prayer can be stewarded privately in our personal lives and furthermore as a community. Below is a schedule of ways to steward your time through prayer in our local community.


Mass Schedule (Proto-Cathedral)

Saturday Vigil Mass:
5:00 PM

7:30 AM
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
1:30 PM (Vietnamese/Việt)

Weekday Mass:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
12:10 PM

8:00 AM

Saturday Morning:
9:00 AM

Holy Days of Obligation:
8:00 AM, 12:10 PM and 7:00 PM.

Prayer & Devotions


Tuesday—Friday, 11:35AM

(Mother of Perpetual Help):

Wednesday, after the 12:10PM Mass


Alliance of the Two Hearts and the Communion of Reparation:

Adoration on the First Friday of the month after the 12:10PM Mass to 9:00 PM that evening.

Schedule a Holy Hour in the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Adoration Chapel: 

Call the parish office at 360-693-3052 to schedule a time.