Confirmation is the sacrament that completes the initiation into the faith begun at Baptism. In a special way, it imparts the Holy Spirit on the person being Confirmed, empowering them to go out in the world and share the Gospel.

As of August 2020: 

New Confirmation Dates!

2020 Confirmation will take place on three consecutive August 19th, August 26th and September 2nd.

The rehearsal for all three Confirmation dates will be held on Monday, August 17th at 7:00 pm in the church. All Confirmandi and Sponsors are asked to attend. Since the number of Confirmandi and Sponsors reaches our 100 person limit in the church, we must ask that only the Confirmandi and Sponsors attend the rehearsal. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause for families!

Confirmation for Teens

This year, Confirmation preparation is open to all students from 7th grade through High School Seniors. The Archdiocese of Seattle is transitioning from Confirming at 16 years old, to Confirming in 7th grade. In response to popular demand, we’re opening up Confirmation preparation to students in 7th grade through High School.

Registration is currently closed for this year’s Confirmation class; if you’re new the the parish and have a teen who needs to be Confirmed, contact Katelyn Greenlee at and we’ll discuss how we can help your student prepare for Confirmation next year.

Sessions meet most Wednesdays, from 7pm-8pm, in the Upper Hall.
Click here to download our full Confirmation schedule

Click here to download the Sponsor Form

Miss a session? Click here to access lesson plans. This page is password protected; if you need the password, please contact Katelyn Greenlee at Hint: the password is the name of one of the statues in our piazza. 

Parking: Please park in our big lot across the street from the church, on the west side. Other parking locations aren’t well lit, and are difficult to monitor for the safety of your students. The gates to our piazza will be locked for security, so please access the Upper Hall from the driveway and stairs on the west side of the block. Remember to use a crosswalk when crossing the street! 

Confirmation for Adults

Adult Catholics who would like to be Confirmed are welcome to attend our RCIA sessions. Contact Katelyn at the Parish Office or for details.